About Goshen Theater

Goshen Theater was founded in 1989 by actor/creator Yoav Shemer and childrens educator Avigail Shemer-Aharon.
The theatre set its goal to create and produce shows for children and youths. We see ourselves as ambassadors of the arts and believe that the shows children and youths see early in their life leave their mark and inspire a love for theatre.
We believe that our shows contribute to the way our child conceives the whole theatre experience and such a concept acquired at childhood will last for many years. Consequently, we are committed to excellence and do our best to make our shows an integral part of the kids social and emotional world.
Over the years we have expanded to also producing shows for toddlers, musical and dance performances, artist workshops and more.
We cooperate with some of the best writers in Israel.
We perform in Israel and also abroad.
Our repertoire includes shows that fit for large halls and also for small venues.